Silvia Gallova, PCC

Coach, Supervisor & Mentor, Organizational Development Consultant, Learning Facilitator


It’s so simple: coaching is my mission, people are my passion 😊

My journey as a coach started in 2010 and since that time I had a privilege to work with clients from various industries and fields, including NGOs, entrepreneurs and multinational corporations.

I coach individual clients, as well as teams going through change period on organizational systematic level.

In organizations, I specialize in two areas: people to feel safe, valued and growing & strategy creation and execution. My work on organizational level is based on theory of Person-Centered Approach, Transactional Analysis, psychodynamic approach, and Agile & Design Thinking principles. Combination of these allows me to design and coach strategical changes and workshops using the full “wisdom of the crowd” under the circumstances which are natural for the organization and by using visual management to enable transparency, collaboration and full potential of the change process.

…because, if you ask me, why I wake up every morning, my answer would be, to help to create a better workplace for people to live in.

As an ICF registered Mentor Coach and certified Coach Supervisor, I enjoy my time while working with my fellow coaches helping them to move to a higher proficiency level.

I work in Slovak and English language.

My Professional & Educational Background

Nothing is more powerful than human contact.

Please, reach out to me and I will be happy to schedule a meeting with you.